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At VetRecor, we stand out from the competition by offering you unparalleled flexibility. Unlike many others in the market, we believe in empowering you to make the choices that best suit your practice. Our commitment to adaptability means that whether you choose our full-fledged EMR system or opt to integrate our Pet Portal into your existing PIMS, we're here to support your journey every step of the way.

We're not here to limit your potential; we're here to unlock it. VetRecor's technology is designed to seamlessly integrate into your workflow, enhancing your practice's efficiency and patient care, regardless of the path you choose. Our adaptability isn't just a feature; it's a commitment. Your success is our priority, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve it – your way

VetRecor's Comprehensive EMR System

Streamline operations, enhance patient care, and empower your team with our cutting-edge electronic medical records solution. From intuitive patient profiles to advanced analytics, VetRecor transforms your practice into a hub of efficiency and excellence.

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Existing PIMS

Harness the power of VetRecor's Pet Portal, seamlessly integrated with your existing PIMS system. Unite advanced features with the option to securely host patient records in the VetRecor network, offering unparalleled control, efficiency, and precision for your veterinary practice.

Scalable software for your growing clinic

Empowering Your Expansion with Scalable Solutions


reduction in treatment time


returned staff time

*Based on a clinic size of 3 Veterinarians and 12 Veterinary Technicians (15 total staff members)

Customizable dashboard and analytics

Can I integrate your product with other tools?
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Our integration capabilities are designed to streamline your operations, allowing you to harness the power of our product alongside your preferred software solutions.

Experience unparalleled convenience as you transfer data, insights, and actions between applications without the hassle of manual workarounds. Our robust integration framework ensures data integrity and consistency, so you can make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information from all corners of your workflow.

What are the key features of your product?
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Comprehensive Patient Records: Store and manage detailed records for every animal under your care, including medical history, vaccinations, medications, allergies, and more.

Appointment Scheduling: Streamline your clinic's scheduling process with an intuitive calendar interface that allows you to book, reschedule, and manage appointments efficiently.

Billing and Invoicing: Generate accurate invoices, track payments, and manage billing for services, treatments, medications, and other expenses.

Prescription Management: Easily create and manage prescriptions, including dosages, instructions, and refills, ensuring accurate medication administration.

Medical Imaging Integration: Seamlessly integrate with diagnostic equipment to store, view, and analyze X-rays, ultrasounds, and other medical images within patient records.

Reminders and Notifications: Set up automated reminders for appointments, vaccinations, follow-up visits, and more, helping clients stay engaged in their pets' care.

Client Communication: Facilitate communication with clients through messaging, email, and in-app notifications, providing updates, instructions, and personalized care plans.

Inventory Management: Keep track of medical supplies, medications, and equipment, receive alerts for low stock, and efficiently manage inventory levels.

And so much more... Book your demo today! 

How secure is my data with your product?
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We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data. Your information is protected through bank-level security measures. All data, whether at rest or in transit, is encrypted to ensure its privacy. We take every precaution to safeguard your pet's information and your peace of mind.

Why Choose VetRecor?

Effortless Patient Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper-based records. VetRecor's digital platform allows you to efficiently manage and access comprehensive patient records, medical histories, prescriptions, and more, all in one secure place.

Streamlined Appointment Experience

Simplify appointment scheduling and enhance client experience. Our intuitive calendar system enables seamless appointment booking, rescheduling, and tracking, ensuring your clinic runs smoothly.

Empowering Communication

Foster stronger connections with your clients through VetRecor's communication features. Stay in touch with messaging, notifications, and updates that keep clients engaged in their pets' care journey.

Integrated Imaging and Diagnostics

Visualize a new level of patient care with our medical imaging integration. Effortlessly view, store, and analyze X-rays, ultrasounds, and other images directly within patient records.

Comprehensive Financial Management

Take control of your clinic's financial health with VetRecor's billing, invoicing, and inventory management tools. Keep track of expenses, revenue, and inventory levels effortlessly.

Insights for Informed Decisions

Make data-driven decisions with VetRecor's reporting and analytics capabilities. Gain valuable insights into clinic performance, appointments, treatments, and more.

Collaboration at Its Best

Seamless integration with laboratories and specialists allows for effective collaboration, ensuring your patients receive the best care possible.

Security and Privacy First

We understand the importance of protecting sensitive data. VetRecor implements advanced security measures to keep patient information safe and compliant with privacy regulations.

Effortless Cloud Accessibility

Enjoy the convenience of managing your practice from anywhere with VetRecor's cloud-based platform. Access patient records, schedules, and data securely from any device, empowering you with flexibility and control. Experience modern practice management, backed by VetRecor's reliable cloud technology.

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